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UAE BMP-3 hits Yemeni Mines

Posted: August 13, 2015 in BMP-3, Tank, Yemen
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This UAE BMP-3 ran into some Yemeni Mines.


Jane’s has posted an article about how armored units from the UAE have spearheaded a breakthrough in the conflict in Yemen.  The Emirati armored brigade helped pro-government forces push out from the southern port city of Aden and capture Al-Anad Air Base 48 km to the northwest.  While the UAE did not publically announce the deployment of its armored forces in the conflict, it became apparent to astute observers that the vehicle types appearing in pictures indicated UAE involvement.  By the end of July, BMP-3 IFVs had been filmed by AL-Jazeera and in early August, news footage showed Leclerc MBTs advancing in a column.  Somewhat amusingly, one of the best quality videos that emerged of these Leclerc tanks is a clip from RT Ruptly which mistakenly identifies the vehicles as “Hundreds of Abraham M1 Abrams, provided by Saudi Arabia.”  This represents the first use of the Leclerc MBT in combat, although it had been previously used in peace keeping missions Kosovo and Lebanon by French forces.

Also identified have been the SPG Denel G6.  Video of this vehicle was taken during fighting for Anad airbase.

According to the Jane’s article, some of the Leclercs in Yemen are equipped with the AZUR urban warfare protection package. The UAE is known to have bought at least 13 AZUR kits, so the presence of Leclercs without the additional armor suggests a second battalion has been deployed to Yemen.  The Leclerc tanks operated by the UAE are known as the “tropicalised” variant, differing from French Army Leclerc in that the UAE vehicles have a MTU MT883 engine and Renk transmission rather than the French SACM V8X Hyperbar engine and  SESM ESM 500 transmission.

Photo gallery of UAE armored vehicles in Yemen

In the battle for Anad airbase in the province of Lahj north of Aden in addition to Leclerc tanks. Now there are reports and witnesses of 155-mm self-propelled guns from the manufacturer South African Denel G6 production, provided by the army of the United Arab Emirates. Thus, it is obvious that the UAE is the main striking force sent by Saudi forces for the coalition and with the support of the local “people’s committees” that perform the role of infantry, they hope to force “Ansar Allah” further from Aden and Taiz.


Huthis are now actively recruiting new fighters among tribal militias of the northern tribes, their mobilization potential is large enough, but their transfer to the southern front is very difficult because of the bombing and destroyed roads and bridges in the mountains.

The shelling positions of the Saudi troops on the border with Yemen of 122 mm D-30

Tribes expressed support for a revolutionary leader Abdul-Malik al-Husi and the movement of “Ansar Allah”

In southern Yemen, self-propelled anti-tank complex “Kornet-E” were found on the base of a vehicle “Hammer” or rather to the chassis of the military vehicle Humvee. This anti-complex “Kornet-E” is an automated launcher index 9P163-2 “Quartet” with four guides and electromechanical actuators based on light carrier.

The unit consists of: turret with four rails for missiles, sight-guidance device 1P45M-1 thermal sight 1PN79M-1, the electronic module and the operator’s seat. Boeukladki housed separately. PU 9P163-2 is in constant combat readiness, can produce up to four shots without reloading, shooting “gulp” two missiles at a single ray of the same goal. It is characterized by simplified search and target tracking using electromechanical actuators.Pointing range launcher 9P163-2 the horizon ± 180 °, vertically – from -10 ° to + 15 °. Weight launcher 9P163-2 with fire control system 480kg. Rate of 1-2 rds. / Min.

This complex is based on the chassis Humvee belongs to the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates and was taken to South Yemen, together with BMP-3 and Leclerc tanks, according to sources.

“Cornet” – antitank missile system development of the Tula Instrument Design Bureau. Designed on the basis of complex tank guided weapons “Reflex”, retaining its basic layout decisions. It is intended to destroy tanks and other armored targets, including those equipped with modern means of dynamic protection.


Saudi forces continue to strengthen the coalition of modern armored opponents of the Shiite movement “Ansar Allah” in Yemen. Following the Oshkosh M-ATV and BMP-3, Video Battle of Aden area lit up and new tanks, which previously was not there, presumably it Leslerc French production obviously also put the United Arab Emirates. As in the case of the BMP-3, optionally together with a machine able to send and carriages. At least there are very serious doubts that in the Emirates could in such a short time to find and prepare from scratch Yemeni crew for such a complex modern military equipment.
PS You can recall the way that the UAE officially reported deaths during the military campaign in Yemen, at least two soldiers of their armed forces 16 and 21 July . These losses have gone once again after the start of the offensive against the Huthis in Aden.

Partly this video 2:04

Other images with 4:35

On the streets of Aden it was also seen ARV DCL developed based on the chassis of the tank Leslerc
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As the well-known blog “Secret Difa3”, at the airport of Aden was seen military transport aircraft C-130 Air Force in Saudi Arabia, who was taken to the special forces to Yemen Royal Army Saudi Arabia. They brought equipment loyalist forces who support the deposed president.

Among the delivered goods was seen and armored “Nimr”. Most likely, this will be the first case of its combat use. Blog author recalls that recently the Yemeni Shiite rebels killed minnozaschischenny car Oshkosh M-ATV.

BMP-3 in Yemen

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At the armed detachments of South Yemen, which has its support for “Arabian coalition” led by Saudi Arabia, were infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3 Russian-made, according to . It is assumed that the war machines were supplied by the United Arab Emirates in a joint military operation with Saudi Arabia and other countries against the rebels Huthis. (more…)