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T-90 at the Donbass

Posted: August 15, 2015 in Donbass Ukraine, T-90, Tank
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Direct evidence for the involvement in the fighting in the Donbas modern Russian tanks T-90A appeared in the autumn of last year. Tanker 136th separate motorized rifle brigade (in / h 63354, Buynaksk, Dagestan), the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Russian Armed Forces), registered in the social network “VKontakte” named Vitalek Marakasov , put his picture on the background road sign near the village thorn (Krasnodonsky district, Luhansk region) in 4 kilometers from Lugansk.

The saved original photo – yt / 73245930/144810 / 144810_original.jpg

second photo from the same place: The saved original photo – yt / 73245930/144975 / 144975_original.jpg first picture is remarkable in that the shot hit the anti-aircraft machine-gun design elements installation of the T-90A (in the background of this model of tank Marakasov photographed earlier ): Source photos – on the cartridge box tank Marakasova green paint painted over, apparently, board room. The same is often found on other T-90A from the 136th Tank Brigade Russian Armed Forces: Defined exact location shooting T-90A Marakasova: Recently, it was discovered more evidence of the use of the Armed Forces of the T-90A in the Donbas. In October, 2014 member of the so-called unlawful combatants LC of Krasnodon, registered in the social network “VKontakte” like Igor Komissarov , uploaded a series of photos of a trip to Novosvetlovku. When traveling by car from the south to the north, he takes on the road signs settlements in Molodogvardiis’ka , in Samsonovka , roadside , in Novoannovke , have Katerinovka , in Novosvetlovke and everything interesting that is found on the road. On the road section between the villages and the Roadside Novoannovka were so interesting – three fighting vehicles BMD-2 ( Photo 1 , Photo 2 , Photo 3 ), two army trucks and three T-90A: Archive page VKontakte – Original photo – https : // 1D / 68SDN0_Txo8.jpg Archive page VKontakte – Original photo – 26 / noS3KQocESg.jpg Archive page VKontakte – Original photo – 2F / CkLGyeG62WQ.jpg Archive page VKontakte – https: // archive .is / aF4CdOriginal photo – 38 / 1iXK30WssW0.jpg Archive page VKontakte – Original photo – https: //pp.vk .me / c620822 / v620822351 / 231 41 / 5KbC3x7MzJQ.jpg Archive page VKontakte – Original photo – 4a / b8ZTYp_Kw1E.jpg Archive VKontakte page – Original photo – 53 / aKS_V5tCH0o.jpg To verify that the photos were taken at the site is really the path between the roadside and Novoannovkoy taken video of the road segment , captured from the vehicle. Since it was shot while driving from north to south, not south to north – as photos Komissarov, the facilities for the convenience of the area in the screenshots are compared with their mirror images, taken from a photo. The plot line, where they were photographed together two T-90A. The same trees on the photos and videos: Approximate Location within these photographs on the satellite map – Google Maps (video11:23 ). Location shooting (video 10:44 ) single T-90A at the warning road sign to determine exactly the area the same as that on video and can be easily found on the satellite maps: pictured quite recognizable objects. Thus, summing up the above, we can say: the fact of the use of Russian army units T-90 tanks in the Ukraine in the summer and autumn of 2014. there is no doubt.


Ukrainian soldier Oleg Movchan (as you can tell, repairing parts of the 36th separate brigade of coastal defense of the Ukrainian Navy slung under Mariupol), complains to his page on, he writes about the American HMMWV: “The expected outcome of loan program is as expected, horrible . Its difficult to find spare wheels or parts. Rubber on the tires is old, there are cracks in the sidewall.

If you recall the supply the HMMWVs Ukraine received, carried out in the framework of the announced 10 March 2015 additional package of US military assistance to Ukraine, in which the US Department of Defense transferred 30 armored vehicles and 200 non-armored HMMWV.

The 30 armored vehicles HMMWV were old modifications of M1114. They consisted of early version of additional armor and equipped with FRAG protected machine gun MCTAGS. They were brought to Kiev in three flights of US military transport aircraft Lockheed C-5M in late March – early April 2015. The first batch of 100 non-armored vehicles HMMWV, arrived by sea to Odessa, July 18, 2015, a shipment was immediately transferred to the newly formed  36th separate brigade of coastal defense of the Ukrainian Navy


In the coming days, Ukraine will receive the latest large-caliber sniper rifles such as SGM 12.7 mm produced for the Ukrainian special forces and army snipers. The new sniper rifle SGM-12.7, developed by Ukrainian company “Lighthouse”, has a range of 2,500 meters, according according to sources. The main purpose of the new rifle is to engage personnel at long range, and the destruction of lightly armored vehicles.

During the test, Ukrainian rifle SGM showed good results in penetration of concrete structures and bronilistov. At a distance of 100 meters, SGM is capable of hitting all kinds of armored vehicles and wheeled armored vehicles. Chief designer Valery Fasenko said that during the tests SGM punched through a thickness of 10 mm and double thickness through at 12 mm thick.

DPR forensic analysis reveal how Ukrainian Tanks are able to shell the center of Donetsk from a distance of up to 20km.

Mobilizing public-private partnership, in a few months managed to create a 82-mm mortar, which is so urgently needed at the forefront of the Ukrainian military, says the head of the parliamentary committee on national security and defense, Sergei Pashinsky.

I hope for a successful test and operational data mortars advanced units. This is certainly a small step in the increase of our defense, but together we will continue to do everything possible not only to equip our army, but also to renew the enormous potential of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex “- he added.

The new 82-mm mortar Ukrainian production called “Willow.” development and production of new mortar held company OAO “Meridian” and Director of “Sisteminzhiniringmenendzhment.”

 Many items can be used in shooting from a 82-mm mortar; such as high-explosive, fragmentation and shrapnel, mines and smoke bombs.

The Ukrainian Defense Industry sent a modernized version of the “Saxon” armored vehicle to the army for trials.



Yesterday, on July, 27, we informed you that Russia transfered its T-80 tanks with the attached reactive armor ‘Kontakt’ to the border of Ukraine. In the article “Where Do Russians Send T-80 Tanks?” we made an assumption that these actions were intended to ‘legalize’ another part of the military supply for the joint Russian-terrorist forces in Donbas. 

As you remember, there were several news in mass media that the Ukrainian army got the first set of repaired T-80 tanks. The tank upgrade was done by the engineers of the Kharkiv armor repair plant according to the request of the Ministry of Defense. The hulls and the turret towers were upgraded and the reactive armor ‘Kontakt’ was attached.

Our OSINT experts got interested in this potential opportunity of the Russian weaponry moving to Ukraine. So the follow-up exploration of the Russian servicemen social profiles was done.

Александр Журавлев на T-80

According to the gathered information, the T-80U tanks which are moved through Saratov may belong to the 12th guards tank regiment of the 4th guards armored division (military unit No. 31985, Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast, Russia). This regiment has T-80U tanks in service. The private photos of this regiment servicemen show tanks with similar camouflage. For example, the online profile (archive) of Alexander Zhuravlev has a picture (archive) of a tank with the hull No. 370.

Another interesting photo (archive) was found in theprofile (archive) of Maksim Chekarev who also serves in the 4th armored division.

неклинThe picture was taken in Neklinovskiy raion of Rostov Oblast, Russia. The hull numbers of T-80U tanks are painted out, just like it is done for all armored vehicles prepared for the ‘assignment’ to Donbas. So we can assume that the tanks disclosed in Saratov are moved to the Ukrainian border, right next to the territory controlled by the LNR/DNR militants, where they will be used for either rotation or enforcement.