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The possibility of equipping the BMP-3 AU-220M module with 57-mm gun became apparent when the information about the combat system appeared on the official website of the developer JSC CRI “Petrel”. There was a computer image of the modernized BMP. Desert camouflage pointed out which countries are the first customers. 
AW-220M has a perfect fire control system (FCS), which includes a combined sighting system with TV and IR channels, laser range finders and independent 2-planar stabilization of the visual field.

With MSA, it has effective detection and identification purposes guidance on which 57-mm automatic cannon and 7.62 mm machine gun firing from both places, and while driving, as well as to overcome water obstacles.
Automatic 57 mm gun has a maximum rate of fire of 120 rds. / Min. Ammunition – 200 shots. Maximum range of fire – up to 12 km. The ammunition includes armor-piercing, high-explosive, as well as the latest guided missiles, which further increase the already high accuracy.

UAE BMP-3 hits Yemeni Mines

Posted: August 13, 2015 in BMP-3, Tank, Yemen
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This UAE BMP-3 ran into some Yemeni Mines.

Concern “Tractor plants” will show at the exhibition RAE-2015 in Nizhny Tagil, new versions of the BMP-3, equipped with remote-controlled weapon stations, according to Tass .One of the modifications will be equipped with 57-mm cannon in high ballistics unmanned combat module development CRI “Petrel”, part of the Corporation “Uralvagonzavod”.

Version of the BMP-3 with 57-millimeter cannon received code “Derivation”. The second modification, under the code “Dragoon”, has undergone a major change. In particular, changed the layout of the machine motor, located on the base version of the BMP-3 in the diet, moved to the bow, which will increase the troop compartment and equip it for the exit ramp.”Dragoon” save standard armament of the BMP-3 100-millimeter gun ballistics low, coupled with her ​​30-mm automatic cannon and machine gun PKT, but also weapons will be located in an uninhabited module. Source

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Russia Arms Expo – international exhibition of armaments and equipment. Consistently since 1999, held in Nizhny Tagil. Russia Arms Expo-2015 will be the tenth in a row exhibition. In addition to Russian companies, the audience will also be able to see defense companies from France, Turkey, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

BMP-3 in Yemen

Posted: July 30, 2015 in Al Jazeera, BMP-3, Yemen
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At the armed detachments of South Yemen, which has its support for “Arabian coalition” led by Saudi Arabia, were infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3 Russian-made, according to . It is assumed that the war machines were supplied by the United Arab Emirates in a joint military operation with Saudi Arabia and other countries against the rebels Huthis. (more…)