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Chinese main battle tank VT-4 (MBT-3000)
Source: China Defense

Chinese portal Forum China Defense released new photos of the newest Chinese main battle tank VT-4 (MBT-3000), which, as experts believe, for the mass supply to the world market.

Developer tank company Norinko states that VT-4 outperforms the competition Russian T-90S and T-90AM, forcing Russia to export the new tanks T-14 “Armata”. However, according to the company, the Chinese tank superior to T-14 performance automation systems, mobility, fire control system, equipped with a more reliable transmission (probably refers to the confusion with the “Armata” at the rehearsal of the parade on Red Square in May this year – a comment . VI), in addition, a Chinese tank will be attractive and its lower cost.

According to media reports, the tank is equipped with a 125 mm cannon, combat weight 52 tons, diesel power 1300 hp (969 kW, the specific power of 25 bhp / ton – approx. VI), the speed of 68 km / h, cruising range of 500 km (310 miles). Serial production of the tank being in 2014.



“Type 96A” (ZTZ-96A) – production tank with reinforced armor and a new MSA; 2006

Machines created on the basis of “Type 96”: no

The prototype tank “Type 88C» sea trials. Side skirts and anti-aircraft machine gun shot

Public display tank “Type 96” at a military parade in Beijing on October 1, 1999 sovmestono other new tanks – “Type 98”

The prototype tank “Type 88C» (ZTZ-88C), installed in front of the Beijing People’s Liberation Army tank museum. The tank is armed with anti-aircraft machine gun old “Type 54/59”