BMP-3 in Yemen

Posted: July 30, 2015 in Al Jazeera, BMP-3, Yemen
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At the armed detachments of South Yemen, which has its support for “Arabian coalition” led by Saudi Arabia, were infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3 Russian-made, according to . It is assumed that the war machines were supplied by the United Arab Emirates in a joint military operation with Saudi Arabia and other countries against the rebels Huthis.

BMP-3 has won the tender and entered the army of the United Arab Emirates in an amount of more than 600 machines.These machines were equipped with Thermal imaging sight of French production – the same sight is used on main battle tank army UAE – “Leclerc-tropics.” Machinery for armed groups loyal to the “Arabian coalition” appeared along with armored vehicles such as M-ATV, which are also likely to have been delivered from the UAE. It is worth noting that according to the contract signed with Russia, the transfer of combat vehicles BMP-3 third countries can take place only with the consent of Moscow . In turn, this means that the UAE had flouted international agreements delivery of Russian-made weapons systems without agreement with Moscow. Saudi Arabia, standing at the head of a coalition of Muslim countries where the authorities are Sunni monarchs and rulers, beginning in the civil war-torn military operation against Yemen actually seized power here Huthis rebel groups, supported by the Shiite Iran. The internal Yemeni conflict today can cause a sharp aggravation of the situation in the region and threaten the entire Middle East oil supplies to Western and Asian markets – is immediately reflected in the growth of world oil prices. Photos of the BMP-3 adopted the southern Yemenis Photography BMP-3 weapons UAE




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