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In the course of military-technical forum “Army-2015” which was held in the Moscow region “Kubinka” was a presentation of a modernized version of BMP-2M, which caused great interest among the experts, according to “Journal of Mordovia” .

“BMP-2 proven as reliable and unpretentious car. They took part in many military conflicts, and still are the basis of the Russian Army mechanized infantry connections. Unfortunately, at the present time, this war machine is considered outdated and in most specifications do not meet modern requirements. Therefore, military experts believe that in anticipation of the newest “Kurganet-25” is necessary to re-start the procurement of the BMP-3, and to modernize the armed forces present in the BMP-2 “- the newspaper notes.

The upgraded version of BMP-2M received additional armor and lattice screens for protection against large-caliber bullets and cumulative ammunition. You also have the ability to set specific mine pallets. Due to the increased weight gain protection machine: now it is more than 16 tons. However, thanks to a new engine UTD-23 turbocharged 360 hp mobility remained the same: the car speeds up to 65 km / h on highway and up to 7 km / h on the water. In addition, the upgraded version has a modern sight BO7-K2 with optical and thermal imaging channels, a laser rangefinder and a control channel anti-tank missile complex . As part of the armament of the BMP-2M – a 30-mm cannon and 7.62 mm machine gun PKTM. It is also possible to install anti-tank guided missile system 9M120-1, 9M120-1F, 9M120-1F-1 with tandem cumulative, high-explosive and high-explosive warheads, capable of destroying various targets at a distance of 5,000 meters. “Modernization developed in Kurgan, will greatly enhance the characteristics armored veteran and provide an opportunity to significantly extend the life “- the paper concludes.


In the Western Military District, the Russian Defense Ministry plans to create a new tank army by December 1 and another, 20th combined army, will in fact be formed anew. As a senior source at Russia’s General Staff told TASS earlier, most of the units that have been organic to the 20th combined army are being transferred to a newly-created tank army and will have to be replaced by new ones.

The 1st Tank Army will incorporate the Tamanskaya Mechanized Infantry Division and the Kantemirovskaya Tank Division, as well as the 27th Sevastopolskaya Mechanized Infantry Brigade and the 6th Tank Brigade.

“Reformatting the 20th Combined Army, which has been stripped of most of its combat units, is a more complex task,” the source said. “At the moment it has incorporated the 9th tank brigade in Nizhny Novgorod. Other tank and mechanized infantry brigades for that army are being formed.”

The 1st and 20th armies will have one reconnaissance and one air missile brigade, as well as a logistics brigade, missile and artillery units a helicopter regiment and other units, including reconnaissance and attack drone units. Both will be armed with new generation armoured vehicles – Armata platform-based tanks and the mechanized infantry combat vehicle Kurganets.

Another tank army will be formed near Moscow by December.

“This work is already in progress,” a source at the General Staff said. “Research is underway into the locations of control centres and the combat potential and strength of the units. No official documents for creating a second tank army have been signed yet, though,” the official added.

Earlier, Airborne Troops Commander Vladimir Shamanov said that on the basis of Russia’s paratroops a rapid reaction force was to be created. The force would have a dual capability of operating on its own or in combination with ground troops.

“We have plans for building up the strength of our airborne and airborne assault divisions to three regiments,” Shamanov said. A source at the General Staff told TASS the strength of airborne troops would grow from 45,000 officers and men to 60,000.

The Russian Defense Ministry plans to create a new tank army in the Western Military District by December 1, a senior source at Russia’s General Staff has told TASS. Major-General Alexander Chaiko has been appointed commander of the 1st Tank Army. Before, he was in charge of the 20th Army. The latter’s new commander is Major-General Sergey Kuzovlyov (previously chief of staff of the 58th Combined Army).
New Russian-made main battle tank T-14 Armata

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