Armata Updates 08 Sept 2015

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T-14 Cover

Inside T-14


ARV-T-16 “Armata” – first images

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ARV-T-16, established in UKBTM within ROC “Armata” is factory index “Object 152”. In fact, it is not only a truck – also a tow truck, and even emergency rescue vehicles and a mobile repair shop. For repair work – a wide range of modern equipment and tools, including an additional arm (that would not deploy the main regular faucet when you want to pick something so massive). For self-defense its provided with a remotely controlled machine-gun combat unit.


Following video was shown on September 6, 2015 on the issue of the “Military Acceptance” with exclusive materials and details of the latest infantry fighting vehicle B-11 (“Object 695”) the theme “Kurganets-25” TV channel “Star” will be announced September 17, the next release of this program devoted to the tank already on the platform of “Armata” and vehicles at its base. In the announcement of this program, in particular, for the first time shows the Armoured Recovery Vehicle on the platform of “Armata” (used video capture posted on

Great modernization video of the Ukraine Expo

The possibility of equipping the BMP-3 AU-220M module with 57-mm gun became apparent when the information about the combat system appeared on the official website of the developer JSC CRI “Petrel”. There was a computer image of the modernized BMP. Desert camouflage pointed out which countries are the first customers. 
AW-220M has a perfect fire control system (FCS), which includes a combined sighting system with TV and IR channels, laser range finders and independent 2-planar stabilization of the visual field.

With MSA, it has effective detection and identification purposes guidance on which 57-mm automatic cannon and 7.62 mm machine gun firing from both places, and while driving, as well as to overcome water obstacles.
Automatic 57 mm gun has a maximum rate of fire of 120 rds. / Min. Ammunition – 200 shots. Maximum range of fire – up to 12 km. The ammunition includes armor-piercing, high-explosive, as well as the latest guided missiles, which further increase the already high accuracy.

Some more neat vehicles from today’s exhibition in Patriot Park.
BTR-90, BRM-1K, T-80UE1, T-72B3, T-72BA, S-400, Tunguska, S-300, Nona-SVK, Smerch.

Very interesting exhibition of modern vehicles in Patriot Park for the Closing Ceremony of ARMYGAMES-2015.
Many rare vehicles.
TMS-65U, RKhM-6, MMK bridge, BREM-K, BREM-1M, PTS-4, Topol, Mi-24 gun, BMP-KSh

These are just some quick snaps with phone, a full report shall be coming.

The Russian hosts were the first to cross the finish line in the relay tank biathlon race which capped the large-scale International Army Games, in which troops from over a dozen countries competed during the last two weeks.

Teams from Russia, Serbia, China, and Kazakhstan qualified for the final event of the inaugural Games, which was overseen by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

The Russians overtook Kazakhstan, which had led the pack earlier, at the beginning of the second stage, and remained in front till the end, clocking an impressive time of 1 hour and 14 minutes, Tass reported.

The Chinese team came in second for the day, with the Serbian tank crew completing the podium.

Despite a good start, the Kazakhstan team had to settle for fourth place at the Alabino firing range outside Moscow.

Members of the Kyrgyz Defense Ministry team during the Tank Biathlon World Championships at the Alabino training ground in the Moscow Region

The tank contest is conducted like a classic biathlon, with each vehicle aiming to cover around 20 kilometers in the shortest time possible, while shooting at various targets.

All the teams participating in the Games were using Russian T-72B3 tanks, the only exception being China, which brought their own TYPE 96A tanks to the Moscow Region.

The Indian team takes part in the Tank Biathlon World Championships semifinal at Alabino base outside Moscow.

Some 2000 servicemen from 17 countries, including Russia, China, India, Venezuela, Kuwait, Pakistan, Mongolia, among others, competed against each other as part of the International Army Games, which Russia hosted between August 1 and 15.

The program for the Games included a Tank Biathlon, an AviaDarts air force competition, the Caspian Cup naval contest, and the Suvorov Onslaught, where military personnel test their land and aerial skills.

The Kazakhstan team takes part in the Tank Biathlon World Championships semifinal at Alabino base outside Moscow.

Over 250,000 spectators attended the events held at various venues during the 2-week competition.

The cup for overall victory was awarded to the Russian team on Sunday.

Tanks! They’re big, mean, ugly, and loud, and their crews are highly competitive. Russia is hosting the World Championship Tank Biathalon right now, and the finals mean that the best of the whole group are competing for the title of Best Tank Biathelete (I think). But the winner gets a tank! A real tank!


The Tank Biathalon has been going for a while now, and already a Kuwaiti crew has managed to drift so hard they flipped. But now it’s the finals, and Russian government mouthpieceRussia Today has been kind enough to livestream the ultimate challenge. The competition consists of tests of driving, racing and shooting with various vehicles, according to RT, and everyone there seems pretty enthused, I suppose.

The contest involves a bunch of Russian allies, so I’m not really sure we can call it a true “world championship,” but we do go around calling our baseball championship the World Series, even if the only thing international about it is that a team from Toronto sometimes competes.

The winner takes home a T-90 main battle tank. Really.