In Yemen, anti-complex “Kornet-E” found on the chassis of the “Hummer”

Posted: August 2, 2015 in Chassis, Hummer, Kornet, Kornet-E, Yemen
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In southern Yemen, self-propelled anti-tank complex “Kornet-E” were found on the base of a vehicle “Hammer” or rather to the chassis of the military vehicle Humvee. This anti-complex “Kornet-E” is an automated launcher index 9P163-2 “Quartet” with four guides and electromechanical actuators based on light carrier.

The unit consists of: turret with four rails for missiles, sight-guidance device 1P45M-1 thermal sight 1PN79M-1, the electronic module and the operator’s seat. Boeukladki housed separately. PU 9P163-2 is in constant combat readiness, can produce up to four shots without reloading, shooting “gulp” two missiles at a single ray of the same goal. It is characterized by simplified search and target tracking using electromechanical actuators.Pointing range launcher 9P163-2 the horizon ± 180 °, vertically – from -10 ° to + 15 °. Weight launcher 9P163-2 with fire control system 480kg. Rate of 1-2 rds. / Min.

This complex is based on the chassis Humvee belongs to the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates and was taken to South Yemen, together with BMP-3 and Leclerc tanks, according to sources.

“Cornet” – antitank missile system development of the Tula Instrument Design Bureau. Designed on the basis of complex tank guided weapons “Reflex”, retaining its basic layout decisions. It is intended to destroy tanks and other armored targets, including those equipped with modern means of dynamic protection.



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