UAE armed forces sent 155-mm self-propelled guns Denel G6 to Yemen

Posted: August 6, 2015 in Aden, Anad Airbase, Artillery, Leclerc Tanks, Saudi Arabia, Tanks, UAE, Yemen
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In the battle for Anad airbase in the province of Lahj north of Aden in addition to Leclerc tanks. Now there are reports and witnesses of 155-mm self-propelled guns from the manufacturer South African Denel G6 production, provided by the army of the United Arab Emirates. Thus, it is obvious that the UAE is the main striking force sent by Saudi forces for the coalition and with the support of the local “people’s committees” that perform the role of infantry, they hope to force “Ansar Allah” further from Aden and Taiz.


Huthis are now actively recruiting new fighters among tribal militias of the northern tribes, their mobilization potential is large enough, but their transfer to the southern front is very difficult because of the bombing and destroyed roads and bridges in the mountains.

The shelling positions of the Saudi troops on the border with Yemen of 122 mm D-30

Tribes expressed support for a revolutionary leader Abdul-Malik al-Husi and the movement of “Ansar Allah”


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