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Some more neat vehicles from today’s exhibition in Patriot Park.
BTR-90, BRM-1K, T-80UE1, T-72B3, T-72BA, S-400, Tunguska, S-300, Nona-SVK, Smerch.


ZRPK “Tunguska” despite its age is still considered a masterpiece of Russian military equipment. The vehicle has long been classified. However, in the 80s there were rumors that there was in Russian Army anti-aircraft self-propelled gun, which, they say, was better quality above the system “Cheetah” M247 ZSU “Sergeant York”.

However, people who allegedly saw a new vehicle, talking about completely different: some have described something similar to a real “Tunguska”, but others often mentioned a modernized “Shilka”, which established a quick-six-gun. Now it seems that the competent authorities of the Soviet special “driven misinformation” to divert attention from the real modern self-propelled guns, and did so very successfully. For example, in one of the commemorative books, dedicated to the Soviet army, including moving machinery on the move could be seen expertly retouched sextuple “Shilka”.
The first official mention of the “Tunguska” appeared only after the Gulf War in 1991. Incidentally, the author first saw this vehicle on one of the arms shows just in the early 90s. Powerful, quick-armed with guns and long-range missiles and modern at the time sighting system, compared with the old lady, “Shilka”, it seemed the acme of perfection. Some characteristics of the chassis which are: control wheel, automatic gear, super soft hydropneumatic suspension with variable ground clearance.