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Along with the rearmament of the Russian army from cruise missiles, submarines and armored vehicles to small arms and communications, they are actively being worked on in addition to sniper rifles. So in the near future, namely in the next year troops will have a new sniper rifle.

The development of the new sniper complex is under the name“Precision” it became known in 2013. Five companies have been involved in production to include TSNIITOCHMASH . The final version of the weapons comes available in two calibers, unique to Russia: 7,62×51 mm caliber (NATO cartridge) and 8x.6×69 mm (Lapua Magnum). The effective range of the rifles is out to half a kilometer. The reason for manufacturing weapons in two calibers is the features of the ballistics for bullets. For example, one is to achieve maximum accuracy at distances up to 500 meters possible with the caliber 7.62×51 mm, and to maximize the destruction of targets at distances more than 500 m is most suitable for the  caliber 8.6×70 mm.

ORSIS T-5000

In turn, rifle ORSIS T-5000 is manufactured at the factory “ORSIS” concern “Survey Systems” in Moscow, and is known in military circles as “the Russian Terminator.” The rifle exists in three caliber versions: 7.62 × 67 mm (Winchester Magnum), 7.62 × 51 mm (Winchester) and 8.6 × 70 mm (Lapua Magnum). The material of the barrel is stainless steel 416R, and rifling in the bore is made ​​by cutting in a single pass, which today is the most accurate. The material of main parts, including the trigger mechanism of T-5000 is stainless steel.

Lodge rifle aluminum alloy D16T, which is not inferior to the strength of steel, but at the same time it is just as strong if not stronger. Additionally, it is not affected by changes in temperature, for example, when moving the rifle from a warm temperature into the cold. In fact during testing of the T-5000, researchers were shooting in 73-degree cold temperature, and such a low temperature had no effect on accuracy.

ORSIS T-5000 with a short barrel

The new Four-chamber muzzle brake, kompensotora significantly reduces recoil. It comes with a frfle bipod attached to the forearm console on which the Picatinny rail is attached. It is also fitted with an adjustable butt stock. It comes with a three position safety device and box detachable magazine able to carry 5 to 10 rounds. The weight of the T-5000 varies from 6.1 to 6.5 kg, and the length unfolded rangers from 1060 to 1270 mm.

The resource barrel can withstand 5,000 shots of 7.62×51 (Winchester) without degrading the accuracy. At the T-5000, this figure is half a minute of arc (at a distance of 800 meters spread fire hit no more than 11 cm). No pre zeroing needed in any weather and at any time of the day or night T-5000 hits a target at a distance of up to 1650 m. In the future, a modernized version will increase the distance up to 2000 m.
There is a thought that “accuracy” should be replaced with time efficiency that the  T 5000 offers, as well as foreign high-precision sniper rifles, which are now in service with, for example, the British Accuracy International and Sako TRG , and the Austrian Steyr-Mannlicher SSG 04 . But most likely the sniper complex will complement the “Russian Terminator” and will effectively will complement the full range of problems faced by the Russian special forces.

Sako TRG

Steyr-Mannlicher SSG 04


Russia’s all-new sniper rifle, currently being tested by the Airborne troops, is set to enter service already next year, Russian media reported on Friday.

The rifle, appropriately called Tochnost (Precision), has already won praise from the Airborne Troops Commander, General Vladimir Shamanov.

“Our Special Operations brigades have already tested this rifle during various missions and described it as a highly efficient weapon,” Shamanov told Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper.

Shamanov added, however, that as good as it was, the Tochnost still had to be brought up to speed during additional trials.

Promising Russian sniper Rifle “accuracy” Entered the test completion dates are not yet known.ACCORDING to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the new weapons are Already Interested in Russian Airborne Troops, WHO INTEND to Take the Tests Rifle combat. ACCORDING to the Commander of the russian Airborne Troops Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov, “accuracy”, “it is Already A High degree of Readiness”, and the likelihood That it Will be Marines for Service is High. ACCORDING to the newspaper, the development of new A sniper Rifle has been a privately held company that manufactures rifles ORSIS T-5000. Publication Company does not Specify, But we know That T-5000 has Been designed holding “Survey Systems” and the weapons Produced at A Factory “ORSIS” in Moscow.