Ukrainian snipers get the latest big-bore 12.7-SUM

Posted: August 8, 2015 in 12.7 SUM, Sniper, Ukraine
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In the coming days, Ukraine will receive the latest large-caliber sniper rifles such as SGM 12.7 mm produced for the Ukrainian special forces and army snipers. The new sniper rifle SGM-12.7, developed by Ukrainian company “Lighthouse”, has a range of 2,500 meters, according according to sources. The main purpose of the new rifle is to engage personnel at long range, and the destruction of lightly armored vehicles.

During the test, Ukrainian rifle SGM showed good results in penetration of concrete structures and bronilistov. At a distance of 100 meters, SGM is capable of hitting all kinds of armored vehicles and wheeled armored vehicles. Chief designer Valery Fasenko said that during the tests SGM punched through a thickness of 10 mm and double thickness through at 12 mm thick.


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