Ukraine Has Complaints About U.S. HMMWV

Posted: August 9, 2015 in HMMWV, U.S., Ukraine
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Ukrainian soldier Oleg Movchan (as you can tell, repairing parts of the 36th separate brigade of coastal defense of the Ukrainian Navy slung under Mariupol), complains to his page on, he writes about the American HMMWV: “The expected outcome of loan program is as expected, horrible . Its difficult to find spare wheels or parts. Rubber on the tires is old, there are cracks in the sidewall.

If you recall the supply the HMMWVs Ukraine received, carried out in the framework of the announced 10 March 2015 additional package of US military assistance to Ukraine, in which the US Department of Defense transferred 30 armored vehicles and 200 non-armored HMMWV.

The 30 armored vehicles HMMWV were old modifications of M1114. They consisted of early version of additional armor and equipped with FRAG protected machine gun MCTAGS. They were brought to Kiev in three flights of US military transport aircraft Lockheed C-5M in late March – early April 2015. The first batch of 100 non-armored vehicles HMMWV, arrived by sea to Odessa, July 18, 2015, a shipment was immediately transferred to the newly formed  36th separate brigade of coastal defense of the Ukrainian Navy



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