Ukraine has developed a 82-mm mortar “Verba”

Posted: August 2, 2015 in Mortar, Ukraine, Verba, Willow
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Mobilizing public-private partnership, in a few months managed to create a 82-mm mortar, which is so urgently needed at the forefront of the Ukrainian military, says the head of the parliamentary committee on national security and defense, Sergei Pashinsky.

I hope for a successful test and operational data mortars advanced units. This is certainly a small step in the increase of our defense, but together we will continue to do everything possible not only to equip our army, but also to renew the enormous potential of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex “- he added.

The new 82-mm mortar Ukrainian production called “Willow.” development and production of new mortar held company OAO “Meridian” and Director of “Sisteminzhiniringmenendzhment.”

 Many items can be used in shooting from a 82-mm mortar; such as high-explosive, fragmentation and shrapnel, mines and smoke bombs.

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