Type 96A” (ZTZ-96A) – production tank with reinforced armor and a new MSA

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“Type 96A” (ZTZ-96A) – production tank with reinforced armor and a new MSA; 2006

Machines created on the basis of “Type 96”: no

The prototype tank “Type 88C» sea trials. Side skirts and anti-aircraft machine gun shot

Public display tank “Type 96” at a military parade in Beijing on October 1, 1999 sovmestono other new tanks – “Type 98”

The prototype tank “Type 88C» (ZTZ-88C), installed in front of the Beijing People’s Liberation Army tank museum. The tank is armed with anti-aircraft machine gun old “Type 54/59”

After deliveries to Pakistan “Type 85-IIM» NORINCO company has developed a modification of a tank with a 125 mm cannon armament for the People’s Liberation Army of China. And initially, this modification was designated “Type 88c” or ZTZ-88C (not to be confused with tanks “Type 88 / 88B / 88A” !). Due to some financial difficulties serial production of main battle tanks “Type 88C» for the PLA began only in 1997, and their designation changed to “type 96” . Production is conducted at a military factory №617 in Baotou (Inner Mongolia) – mainly Chinese enterprise tank. According to the Chinese military leadership, the tanks “Type 96” , along with new “Type 99” will be the basis of armored units of the People’s Liberation Army of China in the first quarter of the XXI century. It was reported that up to 2005 was made ​​about 1200 such machines.

For the first time in public, these tanks were displayed at a military parade in Beijing on October 1, 1999. However, they demonstrated with other new tanks – “Type 98” – a prototype of the latest Chinese MBT “type 99” .

It seems unusual that armed with the PLA comprise two types of tanks with similar characteristics and the same weapons – “Type 96” and “Type 99” , but nevertheless the Chinese military leadership took this step due to the high cost and complexity “Type 99” , while the “Type 96” is gradually replaced by a series of obsolete tanks “Type 59” , “Type 69” and “Type 80” .

Initially, when the PLA was armed with about 400 tanks “Type 96” , they were distributed among the elite tank units, such as the 6th Armored Division (the 38th Army Group) Beijing Military District and the 8th Armored Division (the 26th Army Group) Jinan Military Region. By 2005, when it was already produced more than 1,500 of these machines, they began to replace written off old tanks production 1960-70-ies in the other tank units.

Externally tank “Type 96” is almost identical to the Pakistani “Type 85-IIM» last series, and has almost the same combat and technical characteristics. The main difference is the installation of a more powerful engine, usovershensvovannoy MSA and an increase of 1,5 tonnes combat weight.

Tank “Type 96” , like its predecessor, is armed with 125-mm smoothbore gun with automatic loader. Auxiliary armament consists of 12.7-mm anti-aircraft machine gun W-85and coupled with the gun 7.62 mm “Type 86” , as well as two blocks of smoke grenade launchers on the sides of the tower. The fire control system includes a two-scene stabilizer arms, combined commander and gunner sights, ballistic computer, control panel, a set of sensors and a laser range finder. A small difference is the absence of an additional unit of observation from the gunner. At first it was reported that China intends to buy weapons for the tanks “Type 96” Russian 9M119 ATGM “Reflex”, run through the barrel of the gun. Launch of this complex is induced at the target with a laser beam and has a range of up to 5 km. Later, the Chinese have decided to create their own armored ATGM based on samples purchased in Russia.

The tank is equipped with modern systems and equipment: night vision devices, VHF radio “889B” (communication range of 20 … 25 km), the system of collective protection of the crew from NBC, quick-fire-fighting equipment.

Also, the tank is characterized by a simple mechanical planetary transmission, similar to the tanks “Type 88” . Chassis layout and MTO are identical tank “Type 85-IIM” . But unlike the latter, in the “Type 96” is planned to install a more powerful 1,000-horsepower engine is boosted, which had previously been tested on an experimental tank “Type 85-III” . However, due to some failures with the tests on serial tanks it was the same diesel engine capacity of 730 hp, and “Type 85-IIM” .

After 2000, the tanks “Type 96” began to be equipped with more powerful armor with built-in dynamic protection scheme, similar to the latest Chinese MBT “Type 99” and the new OMS. This version of the tank originally was designated “Type 96G” , but has been adopted under the designation “Type 96A” .

Combat weight, kg 41500
Crew. 3
Main dimensions, mm:
– The length of the body (with gun forward) 6325 (9070)
– Width 3372
– Height 2300
– Clearance 480
– Base’s Track unknown  x 2700
Average specific ground pressure, kg / cm 0.9
Armament (ammo rounds):
– 125-mm smoothbore (copy 2A46)
– 7.62-mm machine gun “Type 86”
– 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun W-85
1 (22 + 20)
1 (2250)
1 (500)
Angles vertical guidance, hail. -4 … + 12
Sights periscopic combined gunner and commander of the stabilization of the laser rangefinder
The stabilizer arms two-plane
Loading mechanism there is
Means of productions dymzavesy 2×6 grenades, TDA
The type and brand of engine Diesel NORINCO 12150ZL, 12-cylinder
Maximum power hp 730
Specific power, hp / t 17.6
Fuel tank capacity, l 1000 (+400)
Transmission mechanical
The maximum speed, km / h: 57
Cruising, km 400 (600)
– Ditch, m 2.7
– Wall m 0.8
– Ford m 1.4 (OPVT 5)
Reservations, mm combined



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