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Israeli armored protective recent fighting in Gaza have shown high efficiency of Israeli vehicles and systems for the protection of armored vehicles from anti-tank weapons Melee seems to be on the side of the Palestinian terrorists have all the advantages – battles were fought in the dense urban areas, where it was previously carried out continuous mining houses and streets, as shelters and gun positions, Palestinians have used pre-prepared firing points equipped in homes and basements, for a concealed movement and sudden attacks militants are widely used underground tunnels. At the gunmen were modern Russian Kornet ATGM type. According to the documents seized in the mosque where he kept Russian Kornet anti-tank missile systems, their delivery to Palestinian terrorists went directly from Russia, from the manufacturing plant in Tula. During the storming of Grozny January 2, 1995 Russian 131st Motorized Rifle Brigade, fought in similar conditions are much less prepared against enemy was completely destroyed – killed or were lost in about 200 Russian troops led by the commander of the brigade, the fire of the Chechen fighters had been destroyed 22 T-72 tanks of 26, 102 of the 120 infantry fighting vehicles, all 6 IRC “Tunguska” anti-aircraft Division. In contrast to the disastrous Russian experience of warfare in the city during the fighting in Gaza, the IDF did not lose a single tank !. reason for the success of the Israeli armored forces lies not only in the high skills of tank crews, but also in high performance protection of Israeli armored vehicles. The Israeli military-industrial concern RAFAEL is a world leader in creating the most effective means of protection of armored vehicles.Israeli developments in this area include the creation of different types of armor: passive, reactive, Hybrid