Russia Claims Arms Beat US in Price and Usability – Think Tank

Posted: August 9, 2015 in Defense, Russia, Technology, Think Tank
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The head of the Russian military analytic center believes that despite new challenges that are unique for country’s defense history, Russia has a number of advantages in military industry.

Ruslan Pukhov, the member of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Public Advisory Board and one of the founders of the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) based in Moscow, has been following the development of the Russian defense industry since the collapse of the USSR. He has analyzed the key military challenges for Russia’s defense industry.Russia has become the world’s second largest arms supplier after the US, and launched a huge army modernization program worth more than $350 billion, and it it can be considered a great achievement, according to Pukhov.

Russia has a number of significant advantages in its military industry of the US, Pukhov said.

For instance, the country has some exclusive military technologies, which have markets around the globe.In addition, Russian equipment is not as expensive as that of the US. Russian armaments could be constructed by “less sophisticated machines” that will make production cheaper.

The other advantage is the fact Russian arms are “very user-friendly,” allowing people without specific education and skills to operate them.

“US fighter aircraft look like Swiss watches, but Russian fighters look like tanks. Would you prefer to fight with a tank or a Swiss watch?” – Pukhov joked.

After all, Pukhov declared that the country’s military industry is referred in many aspects to the Russian methods of waging wars, which originated in 15th century, proving the famous saying by Otto von Bismarck that “Russia is never as strong as it looks, and Russia is never as weak as it looks.”


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