New armored vehicles of Russian airborne troops

Posted: August 4, 2015 in 2S25 Sprut, BMD-1, BMD-4M, Russian, Russian Armed Forces
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Airborne troops of the Russian Federation at the Beginning of a broad ITS Modernization of armored vehicles. In the coming Decades main firepower of the Russian Paratroopers will be formed from armored tracked vehicles BMD-4M.

Russian paratrooper infantry fighting vehicles next BMD-4M.

Currently Airborne troops of the Russian Federation total up to 32,000 men. By 2019, the number of men’s will double, in Russian Airborne Troops form the core of Russia’s Rapid Reaction Forces.

The main task of the air airborne troops is to ensure the long Russian border guards. Moving by rail or road to the remote borders of the Russian border is in many cases a matter of weeks.

According to Gen. Vladimir Šamanová, commander of Russian airborne troops, it is Possible to deploy Russian Paratroopers outside Russia.

Russian Airborne Troops park has 1,800 armored vehicles, especially BMD-1 and BMD-second generation vehicles. There are 100 Also newer vehicles BMD-3 and 280 armored personnel carriers BTR-D. Approximately 4,000 vehicles BMD-1 and BMD-2 is in stores. The question is, how many active duty vehicles or Stored Capable of engagement (the need for repairs, spare parts, etc.).

Russian Paratroopers are preparing for a major fleet Modernization of ITS . The main striking force will Become the new infantry fighting vehicle BMD-4M, armored personnel carriers (platform) BTR-MDM Austria and light tank 2S25 Sprut-SDM1.

BMD-4M is based on infantry combat vehicles BMP-third vehicle. Both vehicles have 80% of the common parts, interchangeable, the same drive unit and the transmission. Engine of the vehicles comprises of a diesel engine UTD-29 with an output of 368 kW (500 hp). Amphibious vehicle weight is 13.5 tons, crew of 3 men and 4 or 5 airdrop soldiers.

BMD-4M is the newest. In the turret is a Bachča-U; coaxially Positioned Adjacent to the 100 mm cannon, 30 mm rapid-fire gun and 7.62 mm machine gun. BMD-4M Capable of firing anti-tank missiles Audition or Arkan .

This low weight was achieved by using armor made out of light aluminum alloy. Ballistic resistance is not known, but the armor (side, base) will protect the crew probably just ahead of rifle ammunition.

Currently, Russian Paratroopers own 12 vehicles BMD-4M. At the end of the year they will receive another 65. According to the original plans its expected that in  2020, factories will produce 1,000 vehicles BMD-4M. Then the BMD-4M Become will “the backbone “Tsar of the Russian airborne troops.

The BMD-4M armor was produced in Austria . The vehicle weighs 13.2 tons, and is controlled by a two-man crew. The rear compartment can hold 13 Paratroopers. Based on the BTR-MDM model; Austria has other versions in the pipeline – medical vehicle, command , mortar, repair, etc.

Iron fist of the Russian airborne troops will receive light tanks such as 2S25. The 2S25 combines the firepower of tanks and landing capability at drawbridges. The 2S25 Sprut-SD was introduced into the Russian army in 2006.

This year a modernized version 2S25 Sprut-SDM1 which integrates a targeting devices of tanks T-90M and upgraded light tank remote-controlled machine gun 7.62 mm.

The main armament of the vehicle Consists of 125 mm 2A75 cannon with an automatic charging system.The vehicle carries a supply of 40 rounds, 22 of them  ready for immediate use.

2S25 Sprut-SDM1 will be completely upgraded by 2018.


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