Russian Airborne sniper rifle will be the SV-98

Posted: August 3, 2015 in Airborne Sniper Rifle, Russian, SV-98
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The video is in Russian but you can get a glimpse of the SV-98

Russian Airborne Troops sniper rifle is the SV-98, told RIA NovostiDeputy Chief of Staff Alexander Airborne Shushukin.

– SVD remained in some parts of the country and stored in warehouses as a backup weapon. The main gun Airborne at the moment is a modernized PM pistol Yarigina – said Major General Shushukin.

Sniper rifle CB-98 Izhevsk production is intended to engage enemy personnel – including bulletproof vests – at distances up to a kilometer. The weapon uses a 7.62-millimeter cartridge and created on the basis of sporting rifles “Record-CISM”.

At SV-98 is regulated by the length and height of the installation butt plate, the degree of force when pressing the shutter, the butt and the bed designed for shooting with both the right and left shoulder. The rifle is equipped with bipod, optional thermal sight and tactical silencer.

In addition to the VDV, SV-98 uses Ministry of Interior special forces, FSO, Federal Security Service, Federal Drug Control Service, Ministry of Justice. Weapons and shipped for export.

 Photo: Vitaly V. Kuzmin /
First seen at Tank Nut Stan

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