“Tata Motors’ wants to produce a new Indian tank

Posted: August 2, 2015 in Arjun MK-1, India, MBT, Tank, TATA Motors
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Arjun MK-1 production of the Indian company «Heavy Vehicle Factory», September 11, 2012
Source: Ritu Sharma

Defence department of the Indian company Tata Motors has expressed a desire to organize mass production of the national military equipment of the new generation, India Defence News reported on 12 July.

Vice President Vernon Noronha (Vernon Noronha) said that in recent years there was almost no orders from the Indian armed forces, but with the advent of a new government with the slogan “Doing India ‘order situation is starting to improve. This process is enthusiastically received not only in Tata Motors, but throughout the engineering industry of the country, he said.

The company received an order for the production of light multipurpose armored vehicles LAMV (light armoured multipurpose vehicle – approx. VI) and fights for the right to manufacture promising BMP FICV (Future Infantry Combat Vehicle – approx. VI). “Ultimately, we want to become a producer and a light tank, and then the main battle tank (Figure – approx. VI) to have good momentum and progress,” said Noronha, adding that the company has already submitted an application to the government.


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