Airborne Sniper SV-98

Posted: August 2, 2015 in Airborne Sniper, Russia, SV-98
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The main sniper rifle Airborne Troops (VDV) of the Russian Federation today is no longer the SVD, the new choice is the SV-98, said on Saturday on the radio “Russian news service” Deputy Chief of Staff of the Airborne Forces, Major-General Alexander Shushukin. “SV-98 is used. We have gone in almost all divisions of AGI. If where they remained, only to study, “- said Shushukin. He noted that the SVD rifle remain in warehouses, are “reserve weapons.” Airborne staple gun, according to Major General that today are modernized and upgraded Yarygin pistol PM. As noted on the site of the concern “Kalashnikov”, sniper rifle CB-98 is designed to engage targets at ranges up to 1000 m. The design provides installation of sights of both Russian and foreign production. SV-98 Lodge is convenient for shooting both the left and to the legal arm is butt length adjustment, the position of the butt neck and comb vertically and horizontally. To reduce the sound of the shot, reduce recoil, muzzle flash removal SV-98 can be equipped with a tactical silencer.


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