Russian army start the game with a victory in biathlon

Posted: August 1, 2015 in Russia, T-72B3, Tank, Tank Biathlon 2015
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The first day of the international military games began with a confident start of the Russian team. Crew T-72B3 without much difficulty overcame contenders from Angola and Mongolia in the discipline “Tank biathlon.” Over the course of the games followed the reporter Federal news agency .

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: We will never put up with the accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation
Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: We will never put up with the accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation

On the competition site visitors met the Russian army in all its manifestations: from the orchestra …

… To the aerobatic team.

Without tactical eateries favorite guests even at the “Army 2015”, too, was not.

“It is gratifying that people are up in arms, on a formidable military equipment found here as friends, with a smile, shake hands, and rejoice in the success of rivals. This is the best way to build trust between the armed forces of our countries “, – said the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu at the opening ceremony.

The Ka-50 polite bows to the audience.

At the shooting range out of the machine. Almost all – Russian T-72B3. China – the only party that will act on their tanks.

Painting of tanks in this year is not solid and stylized camouflage. Participants are decorated with national flags of the machine.

The winner of the first race – Serbian crew – was honored with applause.

In his first race Russian crew asked the bar for the rest of the participants: 27 and a half minutes to 33 minutes, the last leader of arrival – Serbia.

For those who are not particularly fond of watching armored vehicles in the dynamics, the exhibition is worth seeing military vehicles.

And next to the training ground friendly officers tout inspired viewers to get tested for contract service.


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