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Posted: July 30, 2015 in 1st Tank Army, Tanks
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Ministry of Defence is trying to dramatically enhance the striking power of the army to the threat of NATO

During tank exercises at the site Kantemir division (Photo by Artem Korotaev / TASS)

Something changed abruptly in the approaches to the organization of the General Staff of National Defense. Here are some facts that the military announced recently.
On Wednesday, an anonymous source in the Defense Ministry told Tass that on 1 December 2015 in the composition of the Western Military District will be recreated 1st Guards Tank Army. The team has already been appointed – Major-General Alexander Chaiko . The headquarters will be deployed in the village Bakovka near Moscow.
This new army commander does not have to be jealous. Its task is complicated in the extreme. It Panzer Army to form in Russia today almost anything else. After destructive “reform” of the last two decades, tank units and formations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is almost gone.

As part of the Western Military District in there, first of all, the 4th Guards Tank Kantemirovskaya separate division (Naro-Fominsk). But weedy only dvuhpolkovogo composition. Because at the sad memory of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov itself was folded into a tank brigade, and deprived of most of the weapons and equipment, and personnel. Again division 4th Guards became in 2012 already when Sergei Shoigu . And just brings himself to the appropriate type.
Almost a thousand kilometers away from these places, in the Nizhny Novgorod region Moulineaux, you may find another surviving part of the tank – the 6th Brigade of Czestochowa. Here it is with the Guards kantemirovtsami, as the source of TASS and be formed the backbone of the 1st Guards Army. Not enough for an army set? Sure. Therefore solidity Major General Chaiko reassigned another and 2nd Guards Taman Motorized Rifle Division.
All the same, no doubt, not too convincingly for an entire Panzer Army, but still … Even for such achievements as the General Staff had to tear the sticky, too, not very numerous 20 th Combined Arms Army (headquarters and management in Voronezh), which until now consisted of the listed compounds. And most of the Western Military District, by and large, did not.
And what about all at once impoverished 20 th Combined Arms? To restore its fighting capacity in the Western Military District, promised to generate some more new brigades. What is and where – this we hear. However, at least one of them – motorized – is recreated in Yelnya Smolensk region.
And in the combined-arms army also give recovered from the ashes of Brigadier 10th Guards Tank Ural-Lviv Order of the October Revolution, the Red Banner, Order of Suvorov and Kutuzov volunteer division the Marshal Malinovsky. In 1993-1994, the full-blooded, well-equipped and trained divisions were withdrawn from Germany, cast in Voronezh black soil.Where and almost died quietly in through freezing field tents.
Then it was transformed into a 262-th base of the storage of military equipment from the ridiculous to places such attachment – Guards. After years of reform through the asphalt again sprouted up Tank Brigade – 1st Ural-Lviv. Now here will soon become a division. But not before the end of 2016. Even so, General Chaiko it count there is nothing.
It is – with regard to the Land Forces. But the remarkable thing happens in other species and genera of the Armed Forces.
In the Airborne troops before the end of 2015 there will be individual tank companies, which are the “blue berets” he has never been. To begin with – six.
In addition, the number of battalions in the Airborne intelligence by the same date ordered to bring from five to eight. 1st company of each such battalion will be a company of special forces.
The Air Force is also hard at work. At the airport in the Trans-Baikal steppe before the Christmas firs rise new Attack Aviation Regiment. And will serve as the basis for an early appearance as part of the 3rd Red Banner Air Force and Air Defense Command (from August 1, 2015 – the 11th Army Air and Space Force) 303rd Air Division mixed.
You could even suggest a new regiment received the name – 266 th separate attack the Red Banner. Such was at the airport Steppe before 1 May 2009, when it overtook reformist and itching Serdyukov.
Another regiment formed in the Southern Military District. Loud “wedding” turned into Marinovka (Volgograd region). On the local airport is worth a separate reconnaissance squadron of aircraft Su-24MR. Soon she will replenish Sukhoi Su-24M from Voronezh and of Morozovka and become mixed aviation regiment.
What do all of the above undertakings General Staff? The main thing – is striking a rapid build-strike capabilities of our conventional forces. Why did it happen? Against the background of the Ukrainian crisis and the deterioration of relations with NATO, again in secret maps in Moscow our generals have begun to draw an arrow next devastating attack towards the west? To wash, finally boots in the waters of the English Channel? It is unlikely. Such an attack Russia today there is no need to apply. And nothing. Although political speculations on this topic in the next few days will probably be plenty.
Let’s remember: in Soviet times against the Alliance is highly alert, we were not alone, as many as eight tank armies. Four of them were members of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. But the march of the English Channel and then not started, despite the post-war crises and exacerbations.
Why should today assume that such a feat Someone threw recreated from nothing the 1st Guards Tank Army, combat power is clearly far behind even Only one Soviet predecessor?
That, in a precursor, in 1991 entered the 9th and the 11th Guards Tank Division, the 20th Guards Motorized Rifle Division, 181 Guards and I-432 missile brigade, the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade , 308th Artillery Brigade, 443rd separate engineering and sapper brigade, two separate helicopter regiment. And many other units and smaller. Total – 687 tanks, 957 armored infantry fighting vehicles, 324 self-propelled guns, 54 MLRS.
Nothing like that today form our General Staff physically not anything else. Then why all this? What Panzer Army in the western sector, to which tank companies and new Reconnaissance Marines? What new aviation division and regiment?
With these questions, “Free Press” asked the former commander of the Russian Ground Forces Army General Vladimir Boldyrev . Here is his view:
– Creation of a tank army – it’s certainly a significant increase in the striking power of the Russian Armed Forces. Although the offensive, even in defense. Everything will depend on the situation, the progress of the fighting. “SP”: – But Panzer Army, we’re not needed for the notorious “throw the English Channel? – No way. Just at the time we went too far with the reduction of its defensive capabilities. It was thought that we would be friends with the West. But it is impossible. Now the situation changed abruptly. Shells had torn in our territory. “SP”: – You’re talking about the Russian-Ukrainian border? – Of course. It is necessary for it to react? But in any case, it should be understood that a full tank army, we will not soon anyway. For years, it needed. Technicians something that is in storage, in Russia enough. But to train personnel, to train them to conduct combat coordination – not to make it fast. “SP”: – You will need to open a new tank school ? – to create this army – no. Tankistov for it we will have enough. It should be understood that any combined arms military school graduate is able to command even motorized infantry, although a tank platoon. But on the issue of the opening of one more tank school, I would have thought. Because of geographic and demographic considerations. Not every young man, let’s go to the Far East come to Omsk, where such school exists. Note Lieutenant General Viktor Sobolev, a former commander of the 58th Combined Arms Army : – What is happening in this case, more – visibility. Others seized several tank brigades and divisions, subordinated their other team. What’s happened – called Guards Army. In fact, while much has changed.“SP”: – And we need actually Panzer Army ? – What? You look like rapidly growing threat of NATO! They have already carried out exercises along our borders, in the Baltic States and Poland. Americans there permanently increasing their armor.On westbound balance of forces in tanks and artillery is now one to ten in favor of NATO. Panzer Army, we need to, if necessary, from the depth of our territory is rapidly advance to the state border. “SP”: – to get us to quickly change the balance of power, which you mentioned ? – On the eve of the Great Patriotic War of 1939-1941 years, the Soviet Union He formed and launched 125 new infantry and armored divisions. There would be political will. Everything can be done.Source


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