Double-Barrel AO-63: a horror story for NATO

Posted: July 30, 2015 in AO-63, NATO
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Double-Barrel AO-63: a horror story for NATO


Increased firepower, shooting accuracy, rate of fire – these domestic gunsmiths tried to embody in missile systems SA-63, which became the most famous in the country of a double-barreled gun. Experts explain why the weapon had not been taken on board. Bright future In the 1960s, “Organization number seven”, later better known as TSNIITOCHMASH, began developing automatic weapons under the cartridge maloimpulsnogo 5,45h39mm. Forces of designers has been designed and developed an experimental machine AO-38, which had an unusual pattern – a clever system of automation, which increases the accuracy of fire weapons at an order of magnitude. The complex research and development project of AO-38, despite the constructive solutions, has revealed that further work on the project impractical. All work on the concept of “long-term” weapons has been postponed until better times. One important caveat to this project served as a patterning is in automatic mode, which, according to military experts, greatly exceed existing at the time the samples of small arms.

For years later, the topic of weapons with increased firepower back again. Creating AO-63: missile systems with improved accuracy of fire for the contest “Abakan” set the unthinkable up to this point the level of shooting. Two barrel and ammunition were to build 5,45h39mm AO-63 on top of the automatic weapon. However, the practical use of the machine and in-depth investigation showed that not everything in the system with two trunks as smoothly as required by the conditions of competition in the “forward-looking machine.” Miracle Machine The concept of double-barreled machine allows to combine in one housing small arms weapons of different calibers and classes – from “dvuhkalibernogo machine” to small arms and grenade kompleksa.S machine that combines two or more gauges, difficulties arise often. Closest to the embodiment of the idea of ​​”multikalibre” in the late seventies came to create “80,002 articles” – eccentric-looking and highly processed Kalashnikov. Arms experts and experts still can not explain exactly what was prednzacheno these weapons. “I am inclined to believe that it was something previously associated with the development of small arms and grenade theme. Experiments with the conclusion in the same housing two or more trunks – this is not new. Developers arms are always thinking about it. A new easier to create when he has something to draw on. So, without further ado, we decided to take part conventional Kalashnikov hang muzzle brake and compensator combine the two trunk nearby. Caliber, however, chose a rather interesting, 12.7mm. Frankly, I have the whole concept of these weapons do not understand to this day “- said the TV channel” Star “a veteran of two Chechen wars and Maintenance Engineer of small arms Gregory Tikhonov. The prospect of the work described by the project manager SV Yakushev, despite obvious structural innovations, remained beyond the threshold. “Vosmidesyatki” has not been put into service and will always remain as an experimental sample, the line of fire because of various calibers in that performance, according to many experts in the field of small arms, considered unpromising. “Abakan” horror stories and NATO “The machine of the future” AO-63 in theory could show a fantastic rate – at the level of six thousand rounds per minute. Such firepower in short and fast breaks conventional motorized infantry or commandos gave a unique tool for repression and destruction of almost any opponent who is at a distance of a hundred meters. However, the project “Abakan” in which AO-63 could participate, has placed its priorities. During the tests, the Commission found that the requirements for the accuracy of fire in automatic, and in single-player mode of the submitted samples correspond to only two samples – AO-63 and machine design Gennady Nikonov. Despite the fact that the automaton AO-63 has shown much better performance for accuracy, because of the complex schemes and generally difficult perception machine when it is mass-produced, the decision of the victory in the contest was decided in favor of the construction machine Nikonov, which is now known to all lovers of shooting weapons like the AN-94 “Abakan”. Potential winners Now more and more historians gunsmiths say that the automaton AO-63 and were not going to accept service and the competition for promising small arms, he hardly would have won. “History, of course, does not like the subjunctive, but the feeling that the victory of AO-63 on the tests, the situation with his adopting dragged to. Driving power, gas discharge, and indeed the concept of the double-barreled machine was, if not a utopia, it is quite a gamble for sure. Such an automaton, in any case mass-produced could not have. Judge for yourself – the average time of assembly and disassembly of the machine increased to twice or even three times as compared to the conventional, classical machine. Ammunition had to be adapted to a rate of fire, and the general reliability of the circuit in general has not been tested. Therefore, the AO-63 as a horror NATO has served, but as an effective working of small arms to work longer could. This, indeed, explains the choice of design Nikonov at the final selection stage, “- said in an interview with TV channel” Star “historian Max Erimeev. Due to the complex and “neobkatannoy” design, double-barreled machine AO-63 remained projects that US intelligence analysts scare NATO while the machines with more convenient, simple and understandable for military schemes win a place under the sun. Most military experts believe that such a machine, as the AO-63, the future does not, however, the development of weapons, which produces twice as many bullets per shot, and having twice as much ammunition than the regular machine continues in Russia so far.


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