In preparation for the “Tank Biathlon” rolled T-72 national team of Kuwait

Posted: July 29, 2015 in Kuwait, T-72, Tank BIathlon
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While preparing for the Biathlon, Tank overturned; T-72B3 team Kuwait. It is reported that the crew of the combat vehicle lost control of the T-72B3 and committed tipping sideways.

As a result of the accident no one was hurt and the tank itself has not received serious injuries and after minor repairs will again take part in the competition.

“Tank Biathlon-2015” will take place from August 1 to 15 at the training center “Alabino” Moscow Region.Participation in its tank crews take the armed forces of 13 countries, including for the first time at the competition in Tajikistan declared the military and Nicaragua.

According to the results of the draw in the first race will be attended by four countries – Serbia (yellow tank), Nicaragua (blue), Venezuela (red) and Tajikistan (green). In the third race on the track there are national teams of India (yellow), China (blue) and Armenia (red). In the fourth race the team will compete Kuwait (yellow), Kyrgyzstan (red) and Kazakhstan (green).

It is noted that the organizers of the competition, “Tank Biathlon 2015” equalize the teams’ chances, giving guests a technique similar to the one which will be the Russian team. In the past year, all foreign participants (except for the Chinese national team, speaking on his tank) took part in the biathlon on tanks T-72B, provided by the Russian side. At the same time, the Russian tankers to compete in specially prepared tanks got “Object 184-4” (72B3M T or T-72B4) with uprated engines and improved SLAs.

This time, the organizers have taken into account this fact, and acted in all fairness – giving teams at the moment the most mass in RA modernized T-72B3.

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is not Kuwet crew tank, crew of Armenia flipet over tank.


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